Aksum Kingdom, Modern Day Eritrea


Eritrea is an eastern African country that shares borders with Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. The people of these countries share common religion, ethnic culture and identity. Eritrea was first known in the ancient times as Aksum kingdom or the Axum kingdom.

The Aksum kingdom consisted of modern day northern Ethiopia and modern Eritrea. The kingdom existed between the years of 100 CE and 940 CE. It was one of the greatest empires during the time. The kingdom extended its territories into modern day Sudan and Djibouti. It had Aksum as its capital during the seventh century, CE.

Before colonization, the people of Aksum worshipped gods and deities such as Astar, Beher, Meder/Medr, and Mahrem. Around the 4th century, under the reign of King Ezana, the people of Aksum accepted Christianity. The people of Aksum adopted the Christianity as their Ethiopian Orthodox tradition.

Unidentified African potentate. Original artwork.

On the East of Eritrea is the Red Sea. The Ancient Greek seafarers, marked the borders  of the then Aksum kingdom as Erythra. They marked it with the name Erythra Thalassa, meaning, Red Sea.

During the centuries, the countries around Aksum kingdom chose their own names. The Italians formally adopted the name Eritrea in the year 1890 as they colonized Eritrea. However, in the year 1993, the people of Eritrea gained independence and chose to maintain the name Eritrea.


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