Albinos are humans just as every other person.


Albinos all around the world are seen and treated differently mainly because of their outstanding skin pigment feature.

Some years passed here in Ghana Albinos are killed at birth and some are sacrificed to gods because of the beliefs of some people. This made many parents hid their Albino children. These children when they grow suffer a lot from their fellow humans who have no challenges of skin pigment.

This makes most Albinos hide to prevent people from harming them. They would rather stay home rather than be in school. This made people regard them as a sect with no social life.

But all the above challenges are now a thing of the past because the world has come to accept them as part of society. The world now knows that they have a skin challenge and not that they are evil.

Today, in marking the world Albinos Day. The organizers chose the theme Strength beyond all Odds, to continuously empower all Albinos to appreciate themselves and feel free to integrate fully into society and social life.

We encourage our readers and everyone to treat Albinos with love and care when they come across one in their daily engagements.


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