Approval of Egyapa Mercer as Deputy Energy Minister suspended


The approval of Egyapa Mercer Andrew as the Deputy Minister of Defense has been suspended by the Parliament Appointment Committee.

A member of the Appointment Committee disclosed to Citi News that the approval was suspended due to some answers that were unfavorable to the questions the member of the Committee asked. However the member who disclosed this information couldn’t indicate the answers were not favorable to the questions the Committee asked.

On Monday, 7th June, 2021, the Committee vetted four nominees for Deputy Ministers. After the closed-door betting, the Committee approved three out of the four with Mercer being the unapproved. Rev. Ntim Fordjour for Education, George Mireku Duker for Lands and Natural Resources and Tina Mensah for Health.

Mr. Mercer was a Director and Secretary for the TGN Energy Solution, one of the companies that formed PDS. Mr. Mercer said his position in the company never affected his work as a Member of Parliament as the House considered the PDS deal. He added that he didn’t involve himself in the act of conflict of interest.

He said, “My understanding of interest which is really a legal construct is one that is in the nature of a property that is transferable either tangible or intangible, but with respect to duty or relationship with TGN Energy Solution is in the nature of fiduciary which is separate from interest.”

“…So that is why I say I don’t have any interest in TGN Energy Solution. I never received benefits from TGN Energy solution even though I was entitled to them.”


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