Batammariba: Tribe From Togo and Benin That Were Experts In “Manhood” Expansion Long Before The Current Plastic Surgery


The Batammariba are otherwise known as Ottamari. They are an Oti–Volta-speaking people from the Department of Atakora in Benin and contiguous areas of Togo, where they are called by the name “Taberma”.

Long before the appearance of penis enlargement surgery and products, the Batammariba, also known as Somba from Togo and Benin, were experts in male enlargement and lengthening. This was done very early. Located in the mountains of the two West African countries, Batammariba is not only famous for its ancient perpetuation technique, but its architectural skillfulness cannot be left out unmentioned.

They live in Togo with the Kabyes (kabres), the second largest tribe, in the northeast of the Kara regions in northern Togo. They are called Somba in Benin, and can be found around the Atakora mountain range in northwestern Benin, borders their Gur relatives in conterminous Burkina Faso, and their interest in architecture is perceptive.

Penis enlargement and lengthening surgery is primarily performed at Somba as part of the process of bringing the boys into maturity. The penis is spread with a pounded traditional herbs (horny goat weed, catuaba and saw Palmetto), then a specific size of hole is made in a cut branch of a tree or that of an ivory for the novices. The beginners will then put the penis in the hole for several months till their penis reached the size and length they prefers, and after that, they can be pulled out.

In the final public empowerment ceremony, novices wore luxurious clothing on their shoulders, shells on their necks and waists, and horns on their heads. The religion of the people is animism (the doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls). They worship the god of the earth and walk the path of memory. This is with no doubt shows that the people of Batammariba in Togo and Benin have the techniques of penis elongation before the plastic surgery came into existence.


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