Burundian Presidential Election Disputes


In every Democratic dispensation there is always the need for periodic elections of which Burundi is of no exception. In every election also there is an instrument which governs how the elections should and must be done.

On this day, July 21st 2015, the good people of Burundi were scheduled to exercise their franchise to be able to choose their leader and the next president. But there was a problem, the problem was, the constitution of Burundi required a president could only serve two terms in office of which Pierre Nkurunziza the flag bearer of CNDD-FDD party had already elapsed his tenure of office and hence a new person had to be brought in to represent the party.

This incidence resulted in misunderstandings between opposition parties and the party in power. The opposition argued on the premise that the president’s tenure had ended and must therefore step aside. But the ruling party refuted this claim arguing that the president was appointed by parliament in his first term other than the constitutionally mandated Universal Adult Suffrage.

This back and forth resulted in conflict of which the United Nations and some Heads of States including Jacob Zouma intervened causing the postponement of the elections. The Supreme Court established that Pierre was eligible to stand for a third term. A decision which made the opposition boycott the elections and finally on the 24th of July 2015, Pierre Nkurunziza was announced as winner of the elections with a 74% win in the total valid votes cast.


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