Churches to pay for intellectual music rights



The Ghana Music Right Organisation(GHAMRO)‘s CEO, Mr. Abraham Adjetey, has given a clue about the organisation’s plan to take churches on for the use of musics for their services.

The task forces from the GHAMRO are normally sighted at most event grounds to make sure that event organisers pay for their intellectual programmes. However, when it comes to churches and other religious organisations, that doesn’t happen.

During an entertainment talk show “Anigyeɛ mmerɛ” which is hosted by Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua 95.1 fm, the guest, Mr Adjetey said that, measures are being established to put churches on to pay for any musical work used during church service.

Abraham Adjetey stated that they have began engaging the churches again over the issue.

“As time goes on, churches will begin paying for the musical works of musicians.” he guaranteed.


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