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Artistic impression of the infamous battle, the Battle of Adwa


The truth is, whether you know it or not, your thoughts are responsible for whatever situation you are in right now. Any self-improvement journey of personal development starts with your thoughts. Master your thoughts first in order to master your environment and circumstances.




Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!
Anne Frank

Personal development is a major timesaver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.
Brian Tracy




If you refuse to be made straight when you are green, you will not be made straight when you are dry.
South Africa

It is not only the hare, the tortoise also arrives at the destination.



Wole Soyinka

Nigerian playwright and poet, Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka, was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature. He’s the first African to be honoured in that category. He’s one of the 18 African laureates to have been awarded a Nobel Prize. The 18 African laureates have come from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Algeria and Egypt. Wole Soyinka also worked as an actor and in theaters in Nigeria.

“And I believe that the best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others.” Wole Soyinka



Map of Ethiopia

Ethiopia, the name is said to have come from the founder of Aksum(Axum). Ethiopia was formerly known by the exonym Abyssinia. Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and the only African country that evaded colonial rule.


Battle of Adwa – March 1, 1896:
This is an infamous battle where a modern European military, representing Italy, lost to an African kingdom, Ethiopia. The historicity surrounding this battle suggests Africans beat Italians with spears, swords and courage. Historical reality is much more interesting. Italy had just been formed, so was very new to the whole imperial game being played by European countries at the time. Ethiopians were well armed by Russia, who shared an Orthodox faith with the monarch of Ethiopia. The Battle of Adwa is far from a simple battle narrative.

Artistry impression of the infamous, the Battle of Adwa

The Ethiopian forces under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II, surprised the world by defeating an Italian Army sent to conquer his empire. The success of Ethiopia’s forces assured that Ethiopia would be the only African country to successfully resist European oppression before 1914. What Italy did not accomplish, however, was making Ethiopia a colony. Colonization is defined as the totalitarian domination, exploitation, and conquering of one party by another. The Battle of Adwa was a failed invasion and resistance of colonialism.




The daughter of Poseidon was known as a ”Queen of Surpassing Beauty.” It was her attractive appearance that led to her unfortunate future. Her trouble began when her exquisite beauty drew the attention of Zeus. Lamia eventually became Zeus’ mistress much to the displeasure of his wife, Hera. The jealous wife of Zeus cursed Lamia, and the curse is what led to the queen becoming known as a child-eating demon. Lamia would feast on children. She hunted and ate children as effect of the curse.

Lamia, Zeus’ beautiful mistress

Zeus heard of the actions of his beautiful mistress and sought to protect the children and their mothers from her wrath. He visited Lamia and made her eyes removable. At nights, Lamia was able to insert her eyes and continue her morbid obsession. The ability to continue her hunt for flesh after sunset made Lamia into a bogeyman to children. Parents would use the story of the cursed queen as the reason for children to behave or stay in bed. A failure to follow the instructions meant the risk of becoming a meal for the monster.



Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Statue of Zeus at Olympia:
The statue was created by a sculptor named Phidias. It took him 12 years, from 430 to 422 BC, to complete the statue. Zeus was considered the king of the Greek gods and this magnificent statue was created to honor him. It was placed in the Temple at Olympia, a shrine to Zeus where Olympic Games took place every four years. The statue was destroyed by fire in the fifth century A.D. The Olympic Games were held every four years in honor of Zeus. Zeus was considered to be the ‘Father of gods and men’. He was the king of all the other gods.



Bust of Aristotle (Stagira, ca 384 – Chalcis, 322 BC), Greek philosopher and scientist. Marble sculpture from the age of Hadrian, with the addition of an alabaster cape in the Modern Age, Roman copy of a Greek original by Lysippus (born between 390 and 385 BC-died after 309 BC).

Aristotle: (384-322 BC)
He suffered the loss of both his parents by the age of ten and received much of his early education from his guardian. He moved to Athens to attend Plato’s Academy. Aristotle laid the groundwork for modern science, and was in fact the first example of what we would recognize today as a “university professor.” At a time when human knowledge was still far too generalized, he broke down this knowledge into distinct categories such as ethics, biology, mathematics, and physics, a classification pattern still used today.

“Every Greek is human; every human ijs mortal; therefore, every Greek is mortal.” Aristotle


Proverbs 1 vs 3: Receive instruction in wise dealing, righteousness, justice, and equity.



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