“Every treasure or artifact stolen must be retrieved”- President Akuffo Addo


The President of Ghana, Akuffo Addo has said that all artifacts and treasures that have  been stolen from Africa must be retrieved.

The President added that some African  treasuries have been located in museums in other continents. Meanwhile the President has permitted the construction of a Pan-African World Heritage Museum in Winneba. The museum will contain artifacts and other cultural materials and will be available to tourists.

Recently, some African countries have taken steps to retrieve some stolen treasures. Germany made their intentions known to the public that they’ll be returning some artifacts that were stolen by some British colonial expeditions in West Africa. Also, Germany is to return an artifact called the Benin Bronze to Nigeria after keeping it in their museum for years.

President Akuffo Addo added that for the benefit of the African people, all these artifacts and treasures must be returned.


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