Family of twin disown their children for dating each other.


So they say, it is a taboo to have sexual relationship with your brother or sister, but sometimes love lead a lot of people into committing taboos.

In a TikTok video, a lady confessed that she has been dating her twin brother. Nmaroseeva, the lady who did the confession shared their love stories and text stamps on social media and said that he really loves his brother because he makes her very happy.

However, it hasn’t been easy for the pair because their family wouldn’t barge in to their sexual relationship since it is a taboo in the society. Later on, Nmaroseeva realized her family has disowned her after she engaged in the act of incest with her brother.

She urged the viewers not to be judge mental after they’ve watched the video. In a post on TikTok she said, ”Dating my twin brother. I’m sorry but no one should judge me. He makes me happy. If only you knew what we have been through. We were disowned by every member of the family.”


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