#Fixthecountry campaign: Sarkodie and other celebrities lead the league of the silent


Sarkodie and other Celebs lead the league of the silent in the #FixTheCountry campaign. 

Before the 2020 elections, Sarkodie and some other celebrities, convinced their fans to vote for Nana Akuffo Addo as president and has remained silent in the trending campaign on Twitter and other social media platforms titled Fixthecountry.

Sarkodie, who is a famous rapper who has a very huge fan base on and off social media, somehow played an important role in the 2020 elections for the NPP and thus, can’t join the Fixthecountry campaign. In one of his songs featuring Kwame Eugene titled Happy Day, he commended the Akuffo Addo government for the good works and then said such good works need to continue. Sarkodie criticized the previous government in one of his songs titled the masses but now he has remained silent upon all the campaign going on.

Prince David Osei, a very active actor during the 2020 elections played an important role for the NPP. In one of his campaign speeches, he said he was not wise to know and choose what was best for the country and will not support any bad course. Up till now, this active politician is silent. 




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