#Fixthecountry demonstration to be ruled today by court


Today, 4th June,2021 an Accra high court will rule on a motion filed by the Ghana Police service against the #Fixthecountry protesters.

The court is to rule on whether the protesters should be allowed to carry on with the demonstration that was supposed to happen on May 9th,2021.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP), James Oppong-Boanuh

The police service had an ex-parte ruling on May 6th, using COVID 19 as a reason to prevent the protesters from proceeding with their demonstration.

The protesters however released a statement on June 3rd, calling on sympathizers to join them as they go to the Criminal Division of the High Court.

“We intend to meet up and walk together from the Trade Union Congress Building at 9 am towards the High Court.”

Describing recent actions against the movement as ‘state sponsored barrage of roadblocks and public gagging,’ the protestors say they “have been resolute to follow through on these court hearings because we seek accountability,” the group said.

“Accountability is the first step towards justice—and the cause of justice is in our hands as citizens of this state. We need to guard it jealously at every turn, so we demand of all the youth of Ghana to never give up the hope that we can make enduring change. That the work of our generation should be to put an end to the vestiges of 8-year cycle regimes and the decades of trauma and hopelessness of this rotten system. We can end it. It doesn’t have to be with us. We can decide now to have true liberty and justice for all,” the statement added.

The demonstration is mainly based on the following reasons; High unemployment rate, high cost of rent, poor road networks and inefficient health facilities.


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