#Fixthecountry: Wall of Ghana prisons collapses after a heavy wind blow


One of the walls of the Ghana Prisons service in the Upper West Region has collapsed after a heavy wind blew.

On Sunday, 18th August, 2020 a heavy downpour along with a heavy storm pushed the prison wall down in the evening. According to the prison service, no prisoners escaped.

Ever since the wall broke down, it has never been attended to. However, efforts are being made to contact the contractor based in the Wa municipality to attend to the latest development.

Within the prison wall is a school meant for the prisoners to equip them with knowledge and relevant skills to better their lives after they have left the prison.

Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih who is the Upper West Regional Minister and also the Chairman of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council(RCC), assured that the situation will be fixed in due time and urged for calmness to prevail.



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