General Muhammad Naguib Leads The Free Officers Movement Overthrowing King Farouk Of Egypt

Egyptian soldiers are deployed in the area of the Rafah Crossing border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip on May 21, 2013 as Egypt intensified efforts to secure the release of seven security personnel captured in the Sinai. Tensions remained high in the peninsula after two attacks by gunmen on or near police camps, and the kidnap last week of three policemen and four soldiers. AFP PHOTO / STR

On this day, 23rd July 1952, a group of armed forces from the Egypt and Sudan named The free Officers instigated the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. General Muhammad Naguib leads the Free Officers Movement (formed by Gamal Abdel Nasser, the real power behind the coup) in overthrowing King Farouk of Egypt. They were a group of revolutionary Egyptian nationalist officers who initially started as a small rebellion group under the command of Abdel Moneim Abdel Rouf.

The movement included persons like, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Hussein Hamouda, Khaleb Mohieddin, Kamal el-Din Hussein, Salah Nasr, Abdel Hakim Amer and Saad Tawfik. Its operation was secretive in the initial stages of its set up until Mohammed Naguid a revered hero joined the movement in 1949 bringing respect and credibility to the movement within the military and the general public. He was leader of the movement when King Farouk was toppled in 1952.


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