Give highest sentence to ‘Galamsey National Security operatives’ – Toobu


The Member of Parliament for Wa west, Peter Toobu says the national security operatives who involved themselves in the galamsey activities should be dealt with severely. According to him, such acts will deter the citizens from going into galamsey or illegal mining.

“They should be handed the highest sentence. If they are escorted to Accra, that should be the end of the military involvement in the case. They should be handed to the prosecutorial powers for them to complete the work.

“This matter should be treated expressly. If they are really stationed at the seat of government then they are probably backed by a higher power. If people from the jubilee House involved in wrongdoing are arrested, it helps the fight and whoever is helping in the fight,”He told Francis Abban on Morning Star Thursday. 

On Tuesday, the suspects were transferred from the Asamankese police station where they were apprehended by the mob to the Eastern Regional Police headquarters.

They were transported by the police bus Wednesday morning under the guard of military men some of whom were in the bus and others in military vehicles.

The youth of Akyem Akanteng on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, invaded the Atewa Forest reserve to arrest about seventeen (17) illegal miners including 14 National Security Operatives who claimed to be working at the Jubilee House. 

The National Security Operatives, who sneaked into the forest to mine at dawn, were attacked by the youth of the town. The youth massed up and disarmed the National Security Operatives and rounded them up and handed up to the Forestry commission who later on handed them to the Police when they arrived.


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