How Well Do You Know Elijah Muhammad?


Elijah Muhammad formerly known as Elijah Robert Poole saw the earth on October 7th, 1897, and died on February 25th, 1975. He was an extraordinary writer, a religious leader, and declared himself as a messenger of Allah, and the Nation of Islam or the Islamic State was under his leadership from 1934 till death defeated him in the year 1975. It may surprise you to hear that, Muhammad was an excellent teacher and mentor to Muhammad Ali, Waris Dean Muhammad who was his own son, Malcolm X, and Luis Farrakhan.

He got married to Clara Evans on March 7th, 1917. He struggled to find and keep a job due to the severe economic damage after the First World War and the Great Depression in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1923, the Poole family was factually noted to be one of the hundreds of thousands of black families that formed the first great migration. They left the domineering and economically difficult South for employment and safe security.

His career and that of his well-cherished family took him to Hamtramck, Detroit, Michigan. While they were in Detroit in 1923 for so many years working at the car assembly line, he and his wife Clara had eight children, of which six were boys and two were girls. Further to say, he had one child with Evelyn Muhammad, Lucille Rosary Muhammad gave him three children, and four children also were birthed to him by Tynnetta Muhammad. In addition, he fathered a lot of children involving males and females from other relationships as well. It is estimated that he had 23 children in total.

Due to Wallace Fard Muhammad black self-empowerment ideology, he reached out to him in 1931 and finally became his devoted follower. Their relationship became stronger and committed. It was then that Fard decided to hand over to him the leadership of the promising Detroit group and quickly there was a transmogrification whereby the name, Allah Temple of Islam was completely changed to the Islamic State of Allah or popularly, the Nation of Islam.

In the year 1934, the Muhammad University of Islam was established by the Nation of Islam, where the children or people who belonged to the Nation of Islam went to. This actually sparked a lot of misunderstandings between the Chicago Board of Education (CBE) and the Detroit Board of Education (DBE). CBE believed that since the establishment of the Muhammad Unity of Islam, there was a huge decrease in number of children who attended the public school or normally played absent. This controversy led to the imprisonment of several members of the Muhammad University of Islam board of directors and Elijah Muhammad in 1934, which led to violent clashes with the police. Though, Muhammad was suspended, the university remained opened.

Seriously to say, during World War II when Muhammad failed to register for conscription, he was arrested. He fled Washington DC when he was released on bail based on his attorney’s advice because he feared him being lynched. After seven long years of his absence, he came down to Chicago.

At the time when Muhammad was in the cell, the development of the Islamic State or Nation of Islam came to a stop or delayed in functioning and, at the time of his liberation in 1946, fewer than 400 members remained in the Islam.

He redoubled his efforts and continue to build the country through his rejuvenated efforts outside the prison and the converted inmates. There was an increased in the number of mosques across the nation from the previous ones between 1946 and 1955 which was 4 to 15. In 22 states across the nation, there were 50 mosques.

Sadly to say, it was around this particular time rumours started to circulate among members of the Islamic countries that Muhammad was having an extramarital affair with the young Secretary of State, which would constitute a serious violation of the country’s teachings. Malcolm X too publicly accused Muhammad of having eight children with six different girls.

Muhammad confirmed these rumours in 1963, trying to prove his actions correct by citing precedents set by biblical prophets.

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