I have always supported the #FixtheCountry agenda, Sarkodie adds his voice to the ongoing campaign .


For the past few days, there has been some online protest going on. This campaign has got a lot  of influencial people and celebrities talking about it. The campaign is mainly talking about how both previous and present government have disappointed Ghanaians in terms of road, infrastructure etc, and they are therefore calling upon government to help fix the country.

With this, award winning rapper Sarkodie, has also added his voice to the #fixthecountry campaign.

In a post on Sarkodie’s social media handle, he indicated that, he has always supported the #FixtheCountry agenda even from the beginning of his career .

He added that, he knows the politicians intentionally politicize his opinion thinking that he is attacking a particular political party.

He furthered by saying everyone plays a role in building our nation therefore,  fixing the country automatically fixes the people .



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