Liberia Declared Its Independence


On this day, 26th July 1847, the Liberian Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Liberian Constitutional Convention on the day. The declaration announced Liberia an independent state from the rule of the American Colonization Society. This made the Republic of Liberia the first African country to gain Independence. The declaration was documented by Hilary Teague and adopted simultaneously with the first constitution of Liberia, the anniversary of which is today celebrated as Independence day in Liberia.

The declaration spells out the history of the Americo-Liberians who were first settlers of the colony and lays out the vision of Liberia to be accepted as a free and Independent state. The noted goal of Liberia is to, establish a state built on the structures and principles of the law of nations as well as modernize the indigenous people making them Christians.

The declaration takes a cue and trajectory of that of the United States Declaration of Independence most importantly it’s belief and discussion of natural law, “we recognise in all men certain inalienable rights: among these are life, liberty, and the right to acquire, posess,enjoy and defend property.”


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