Mass Rival Demonstrations Were Held Across Egypt Three Weeks After Mohamed Morsi Was Deposed As President In A Military Coup D’état


On this day, 26th July, 2013, a protest was staged against the 2013 Egyptian coup d’etat following the removal of president Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian Armed Forces. Many protesters gathered near the Rashid Al-Adawiya Mosque demanding the immediate reinstatement of president Morsi while others who were in support of the decision by the military to overthrow the government, others protested in support of this act by the military.

As a result of the split, there were deadly clashes for several days forcing prime minister Hazem al-Beblawy who threatened to disperse the ongoing Pro-Morsi sit-ins in Rabaa al-Adaweya square and al-Nahda square. The government crackdown of these protests occurred in a violent dispersal on 14th August, 2013.

In mid-August, the violence directed by the army towards the protesters got out of hand, killing hundreds of which the government declared a month-long nighttime curfew.


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