“Not eating your wife’s food is a form of domestic abuse”-Law expert


A human rights lawyer by name Irene Aborchie-Nyahe has said that men who don’t eat foods prepared by their wives are abusing them domestically. 

On Sunday, May 30th, Irene Aborchie-Nyahe who is the Director for Legal Assistance Network-Ghana, explained on JoyNews that, women who are treated this way are not only abused domestically but are abused physically and emotionally also. 

“Anything that makes life unbearable or doesn’t make the home peaceful for the other person to survive as a human being is an abuse. There are situations where a person is not physically abused but can be put in a situation that she will be traumatised and be abused psychologically,” she said. 

She added that people are abused domestically because they have less or no knowledge of their rights. As an advocate against domestic violence, she has encountered situations where husbands are being reported by their wives for verbal assaults, a practice that causes low self esteem to women. Ms. Irene also cited some domestic violence examples as follows.

Men who praise other women in the presence of their wives and also men who prevent their wives from working to earn a living.


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