Patrice Lumumba: The Struggle For Power, And His Assassination Backed By Belgium


Patrice Émery Lumumba crafted as Patrice Hemery Lumumba and popularly known as Patrice Lumumba across the universe was born on July 2, 1925, and died on January 17, 1961. He was a great politician in Congo. The new independent Democratic Republic of the Congo was under his watch or management between June and September 1960 as the the first Prime Minister. He played a serious role in the transmutation of Congo to an independent republic from the hands of the Belgium colony.

With the greatest respect of political orientation, he was Pan-Africanist and African nationalist. The Congolese National Movement (MNC) party was under his control due to his energetic leadership qualities. He was their leader from 1958 till he saw his miserable death through an assassination.

Not long after Congo gained her independence in 1960, Congo army went through a lot of mutiny which increased the unbearable crisis. When such atrocities were happening, Lumumba, without wasting much time, called on the United Nations to assist him subdue the Belgian-backed Katangan separationists led by Moïse Tshombe. But then, his request was rejected by the Westerns with the reason that his pro-communist opinions were polysemantic or evasive. After that embarrassment from the Westerns, he moved to the Soviet Union and views seemed granted with a full support, and it was described by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as “a typical communist takeover.”

It then led to an increasing loggerheads between Chief of Staff of the Army, Joseph Desire Mobutu; who was supported by Belgium and the United States, and the sitting President Joseph Kasa-Vubu; who was also backed by the Soviet Union through the help of his Prime Minister, in the person of Patrice Lumumba.

Belgium and the United States were practically opposing the Soviet Union when the Cold War was erupting like a volcano. After the Mobutu military coup, Lumumba tried to flee to Stanleyville and rendezvous with his supporters who had established a new anti-Mobutu country called the Free Republic of Congo. However, he was afterwards captured and imprisoned by the national authorities led by Mobutu on the way. He was severely executed by the shooting squads under the potency of the Katangan authorities.

After his assassination, he was widely regarded as a martyr of the wider Pan-African movement. Belgium, for hiding its face for so many years came out in 2002 to formally apologized for the role it undertook to make the assassination of Patrice Lumumba possible.

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  1. Patrice Lumumba’s life story and vision for Afrika, encouraged me to take his name! I share the same vision for Afrika and her people as he did! What hurdles this man was able to overcome in such a short time! Long live your memory Patrice Emery Lumumba! Lioness Kush Lumumba


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