President Akuffo Addo seen sleeping at a forum which appears to be an AU meeting


President Akuffo Addo has been captured in sleeping in a video footage during a meeting which appears to be an AU meeting. The footage has been trending on social media, raising a lot of questions about the President’s health. In the video, the President is seen seated in a chair behind a lady who is addressing an audience. He then started dozing off which drew the attention of the camera crew covering the event. One of the cameramen zoomed in and confirmed that the President who was wearing a black nose mask was indeed dozing off. At that moment a voice with an East African accent is heard expressing shock in the background. President Akuffo Addo is 77 years and it seems his sleeping bouts is caused by the stressful nature of the job.

The chair in which the President has been using in meetings has even become a source of debate and arguments recently. During the AU meeting, the President was seen sitting on the chair he has been using in Ghana. This practice has sparked many talks on social media and broadcasting networks. The President started using his own chair during tours around the country and now, the situation has escalated to abroad also.

It is believed that this practice of the President was being influenced by Rev Owusu Bempah, a self-styled prophet.


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