Richie Mensah explains why artistes struggle when they leave his record label


CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah, has explained why artistes struggle after they leave his record label.

Speaking in an interview with Doreen Avio on Joy News, Richie averred that artistes who leave the label struggle because they do not have the proper structures backing them, and they try to do everything by themselves.

Explaining how the structure is at the record label, he stated that “let me break down the lynx structure to you. There’s me the Ceo/creative director. We have a business developing manager who decides all the business that comes in and out of the company. We have the administrative manager who handles all the finances, all the legal work so the artiste never have to think of any of those things in their life. A&R department who are responsible for the welfare of the artistes, then there’s a promo team which is responsible for marketing and the publicity of the artistes. And there’s a branding team responsible for photoshoot, video shoot and the brand and style of the artiste……. So when the artiste is working, all these things are being handled for him/her. But when they exit from the label they don’t have this because they are doing all these on their own which is difficult”.

Richie advised to stop being hard on artistes who leave record labels.

“Let me break it down, first of all I need Ghanaians to stop being so hard on artistes who leave the label and expecting them to perform at the same level they were performing at when they were on the label”.



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