Social Welfare Girls Vocational School at Pedu destroyed by fire


A 3-unit dormitory block of the Social Welfare Vocational School at Pedu in the Central region has been destroyed by fire on Thursday in the evening.

It is reported that one of the students who was sleeping in the room during the fire outbreak fainted on her try to escape the inferno. Fortunately for her she was rescued and sent to the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital for treatment.

.According to the students, they were in class studying when the fire broke out. The fire service however were able to quench the fire but it took them a long time. As a result of that, the students had to sleep in dinning halls and classrooms with hired mattresses.

The NADMO director for the Cape Coast Metro, Mr. Stephen Foli assured the students that he’ll do his best for the well being of the students. However, some teachers who were interviewed appealed to the Metropolitan Assembly to relocate the stores around the area since it makes the entrance hollow. They added that it slowed down the fire service as they tried to enter the school.


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