Solar Impulse 2 Became The First Solar-Powered Aircraft To Circumnavigate The Earth


On this day, 26th July 2016, something grandeur, monumental and impossible happened in the aviation industry. When the Solar Impulse 2 using the sun’s vibrant rays as the only source of power, landed in Abu Dhabi after traveling 14 months and 550 hours in the air. It travelled 25,000 miles around the world over four continents, two oceans and three seas without the use of fuel.

The mastermind of this invention Bertrand Piccard, a psychiatrist and explorer came up with this idea after his 1999 nonstop-pin around the world in a hot air balloon. During this experience, he witnessed short in fuel day in-day out and thought of a better way of which he eventually did: Getting rid of fuel.

He got into contact with leading members in the aviation industry, but was met with resistance. He then connected with Andre Borschberg an engineer and entrepreneur who trained as a pilot in the Swiss Air Force. They met at the Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland where they sat and planned about how to achieve this near impossible invention and the rest was history.


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