Son of famous sheikh Jallo Maikano of Prang killed by armed robbers


Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano AbulFaili Jallo, the popular son of late Ghanaian Tijaniyya Cleric Ahmed Maikano Jallow of Prang, has been attacked and killed. 

The sad event happened this dawn when Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano AbulFaili Jallo, was on his way to a Maulid event with his crew. On the Abromase road, the armed robbers had set up a blockade and were robbing travelers and opening fire in the process. Unfortunately, Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano AbulFaili Jallo got shot during the robbery.

The Ghana Police, has started a manhunt for the robbers and has urged the general public to help in the manhunt.

People have been posting their tributes before and after the incident and crediting him for being a peacemaker. People also commended him for aiding to settle the dispute between his late father, Maikano Jallow and the Alhussunna sect, and later between his late father and the National Chief Imam Usman Nuhu Sharubutu of Fadama.

Ali Maikano was supposed to replace his father as Khalifa after the father had died but he stood down and chose to wait for his turn. The crown of Maikano Jallow, was later passed on to the eldest son, Khalifa AbulFaili Maikano Jallow.

It is expected that the Prang community,in the Brong Ahafo region is going to witness a lot of people coming to mourn their beloved Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano AbulFaili Jallo.


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