The Battle of the Pyramids


Today in history: 21st July, 1798, the Battle of the Pyramids, which is also known as the Battle of Embadeah, begun on 21st July 1798 during the French Invasion of Egypt. The French army commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte was victorious at the end of the war overcoming the might of the Mamluk rulers, and wiping out almost the entire Ottoman army in Egypt.

It was in this battle that the divisional square tactic deployed by Napoleon was made popular. The deployment of the French brigades into massive rectangular formations continuously made the Malmuks succumb to the calvary charges.

This massive conquest by the French saw Murad Bey and some of his army flee to Upper Egypt thereby sealing the French Conquest of Egypt. Napoleon named the battle after the Egyptian pyramids because they were not clearly seen on the horizon when the battle was taking place


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