1966 — The First Nigerian Military Governor, Francis Adekunle Fajuyi, Was Assassinated


Francis Adekunle Fajuyi was a Nigerian soldier of Yoruba origin born on 26th June,1926, he became the first military governor of the former Western Region, Nigeria. He was a teacher and clerk by profession before he later joined the army in 1943. He became a sergeant in the Nigerian Signal Squadron of the West African Frontier Force and was awarded the British Empire Medal for helping contain a mutiny in his unit over food ration.

He received training at the Eaton Hall Officer Candidate School in the United Kingdom from July 1954 to November that same year. As the ‘C’ Company commander with the 4th battalion he was awarded Military Cross for actions in North Katanga and extricating his units from an ambush. Fayoji became the first indigenous commander of the 1st Battalion in Enugu a position he enjoyed until before the 1st January,1966, when he was posted to Abeokuta as Garrison commander when major General Ironsi emerged as the new C-In-C on the 17th of January 1966. He appointed Fajuyi, the First Military Governor of the Western Region.


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