The life of Touria Chaoui, The First Female Pilot of Morocco


Without missing words, history has it that, teenager Touria Chaoui was the first pilot to be found in the land of Morocco and in The Arab world, in the year 1952. The newspapers across the world can attest to that, since they have it published. She was congratulated by the Women’s organizations. Again, she drew the attention of a lot of outstanding personalities in Morocco, and that of the late King Mohammed V, who happily gave her a red-carpet salutation in his palace.

Touria Chaoui and King Mohammed V

To have become the first female pilot at a tender age in the midst of gender stereotypes meant a lot to many people, not only in Morocco, but to the world at large. Indeed, she came, saw and conquered. At the time Morocco was under the French protectorate, she became a hero to many girls, and they still regarded her as the indisputable hero, though she had already breathed the air of death. While on her journey of becoming a pilot, a lot of people may say, enemies did not want her to succeed. Instead, they wished for her failure and death, since they were not attracted by her success. Like a flash of light, a few years after her notable achievement, the unquestionable sophisticated Touria was shot when she was 19 years of age. That brought an end to her life as well as her career as a pilot. Many are the historians who had it and said that, French colonizers tried to homicide her numerous times.

Touria Chaoui, the sophisticated first female pilot was born to a French-speaking Moroccan journalist, by the name Abdelwahed Chaoui, and that of her mother’s, Zina, in Fez on December 14th, 1936. At the age of 13, Touria was hired by the French film director Andre Zwoboda for a role in his film “The Seventh Gate”. Her father asked the film director to offer her a role to play. Touria didn’t disappoint as she performed astonishingly well to the satisfaction of all. In that movie, she was inspired to pursue her dream of becoming an aviator.

She was sent to an aviation academy or school by her father in 1950 in Tit Mellil, a town near Casablanca. The school was purposely reserved for the French forces who occupied Morocco; history have in report published. While there, the French wanted her to fail, but she defeated the odds and won.

Touria Chaoui

At age 15, Touria Chaoui fulfilled her dream of becoming a licensed pilot and as such, may people admired her. Yet, others gave her no praise, especially the French who wanted her to fail and die in the job. Moroccan historian, Abdul Haq Almareni said a French colonizer put a bomb near the door of Touria’s villa, but his plan did not work. According to Almareni, in 1955, two French policemen shot her. They were successful in shooting her, but not in killing her.

Sadly, on March 1, 1956, Touria Chaoui was assassinated by Ahmed Touil as reported by many sources. This incident happened when she was preparing to fly her private jet to Saudi Arabia. This was how the young energetic first female pilot’s life and carrier was cut short.


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