The Madagascan Army Clashed With Mutinous Soldiers Near The Airport In Antananarivo


On this day, 22nd July, 2012, there were gunshots the whole day at the base near the airport in Antananarivo, officials indicated that at least three people were gunned down. The resultant of this uproar and deadly clashes saw the suspension of flights to and from the airport. Madagascar over the years has had history of army rebellions.

As a matter of fact, President Andry Rajoelina is alleged to have benefited from army rebellions, coming into office with violent protests backed by soldiers. Eyewitnesses reported there were sporadic bursts of gunfire for hours.

Efforts by the police to negotiate with the troops was unsuccessful, hence, the killing of one of the negotiators. The military intervened and gun exchanges between soldiers and the rebellious troops. The reason for this unrest is still unclear. But be that as it may, the military assured that everything was under control.


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