Before Takyi found himself as a slave, he had worked very hard on the Frontier Plantation in Jamaica. Takyi was a Fanti king from Gold Coast, which is now called Ghana. Takyi was a very wealthy man and a slave trader until he was caught during the Kommenda war and was sold into slavery when he was defeated.

In 1759, years after suffering on the plantation, Takyi and other slaves sneaked into a cave which was far from the plantations to plan a revolt. They went during the day when everyone was busy, and at nights and returned at dawn. When Queen Nanny supported them, Takyi planned to defeat the slave masters and make Jamaica a separate state.

An illustration of Tacky Rebellion

The Rebellion of Tacky on 1760, happened a year later which became the 2nd largest and most shocking revolt, twenty-seven years after Princess Breffu’s revolt in 1733. In 1760, Takyi and his people started the rebellion early in the morning, at the plantations, killing the owners and freeing the slaves. The previous slaves joined and some run off to tell the rest. With a number of followers, they made way to Fort Haldane, where Takyi killed the storekeeper and they took every useful thing they had.

Takyi and his followers were protected by the Obeah spiritual leaders, who were witch doctors in Jamaica. The British then commanded the Maroons who had killed an Obeah leader which angered Takyi and the slaves. They killed several plantation owners and whites before going back to the bush to fight the Maroons. The revolt went on till July when Takyi was killed. After he died, they beheaded him and displayed it in the town’s centre to prove the committing revolt had stopped and now the slaves were in danger. Even though he died, the slaves still fought to achieve Takyi’s dream. Most slaves committed suicide to avoid being captured and others were caught and sold again to different owners.

In July, the British made new orders and conducted a mass burial ceremony for all the slaves who died.

Tacky Falls

The waterfall near the cave was named after Tacky and it has been made a tourist site till date.



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