To The Mothers


Love is a connection and a bond. To love someone is to be connected either physically or affectionately. The bond that a child develops with his mother can never be broken apart. You grew as an organism inside her for nine months. Naturally, women own the children by virtue of the umbilical cord and the placenta which connect the foetus to its mother.

She carried you and sustained you, sharing her sustenance with you through the umbilical cord. When you are born, the cord is cut, but this connection is never cut out from her heart.

When the mother breastfeeds the baby, the bond becomes stronger gradually. That bond lasts forever. As we grow up we become our own people and may come to forget that woman who nurtured and loved us. When trouble comes, and it’s the child causing it, the mother gazes at the child. With the “dirty look”, that “evil stare”, they’re actually communicating.

The mother makes a promise to the child that she will move the mountains to get him to do the right thing. She could even walk on fire if need be. The mother owns her children anytime, anyway.

For men to surpass this, we have to work extra harder. Men are just unfortunate beings: we are just raising the kids with the women — for the women.


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