Two Explosions In The Nigerian City Of Gombe Killed At Least 29 People


On this day, 22nd July, 2015, two explosions occurred in the Nigerian city of Gombe, it killed at least 29 people. Reports indicates the passing of 29 people and at least 60 persons wounded in multiple bomb blasts at two bus stations in the north Nigerian city of Gombe.

Traces of the bombings though not confirmed, could be affiliated to Jihadi group Boko Haram. The first bomb on the account of two witnesses exploded around 7pm was denoted by a suspected suicide bomber at a mosque in Dadin Kowa motor-park as some Muslims gathered to pray.

Umaru Sani a shopkeeper also witnessed the second bomb explosion at the Nasarawo junction. An official, from the National Emergency Management Agency, reports that seven people had been killed.


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