University Authorities Ought To Provide Adequate Accommodation To All Students – Efo Losu, Writes.


Sitting on the floor in the corner of the room with my right hand chalking my jaw, I wept uncontrollably and the tears snaked on my cheeks long like the potent River Volta when I thought of the inadequate facilities in our various schools especially the universities as far as accommodation is concerned.
This disturbingly provocative canker of accommodation that is destroying the learning strength of the students like the wild fire in the harmattan season in our various universities since some years is tantamount to poor academic performance. Infact, it is getting worse and worse and I do ask myself that, where are the wise leaders? It is so embarrassing to see millions of university students not getting accommodation on campus every present year across the country but our authorities seem not to care about the long sharp teeth of this canker that is eating deep into the flesh of the nation.

The most irritating part of it all is that we are paying a huge amount of school fees every year and this problem of accommodation that is affecting all most all the government schools across the nation have to be provided with an ease. Infact, where is the share of our taxes and that of our parents?
Most of the universities and their halls or hostels we see and hail today were built by our dear forgotten heroes. This is a fact and it is not cleverly incorporates inherent falsehoods foolishly assumed as real. If our dead and gone heroes can do this why can’t the new leaders build additional halls or hostels to ease the frustration of the students? Oh, mother Ghana! Wake up.

It is more than committing suicide or running away from Ghana when you see our leaders who called themselves politicians driving the latest moving automobiles and living luxurious lives when students will walk a long distance or be in a “trotro” for almost four hours before getting to campus to attend lectures everyday and when he or she closes from lectures too.

The most shockingly brutal part of it all is that most of these our leaders do not have their children attending schools or attended schools in Ghana so it seems they do not care of getting the various universities a better accommodation. Is this not a deliberate and systematic infliction of physical and mental sufferings on us by these our leaders? In fact, this is reflecting lack of pity or compassion by these leaders of ours! I guess something is completely wrong somewhere! Because the system is totally not working to satisfy our long thirst and famine.

As a concern citizen of this nation and a university student, I am kowtowing to call upon the various school authorities and chancellors to forward this problem to the government to act on it as fast as possible. We can not continue to be enduring this pain despite the a huge amount of admission and school fees we are paying in addition to our taxes and that of our parents’ we pay to the nation. If nothing at all let us enjoy our share by helping us get nothing but quality accommodation in the various universities across the length and breadth of this country.

Dear leaders of mother Ghana and the various well to do patriotic citizens, in a bowing posture, I call upon you all to come and intervene for us. We are really suffering. But it discombobulate me why the government can’t identify this particular problem in our various universities despite having education minister and his executives. What is actually the problem? In fact, I can’t fathom it.

Mr. President, we need accommodation in our various schools across the country. Lack of accommodation is noted to be the number one cause of poor academic performance on the part of the students. This can’t be fished out because your children did not or are not schooling in any of Ghana’s university. If that is really true then as a student attending school in Ghana, I have presented to you one of the problems. That is inadequate halls or hostels (accommodation) in the various university. I am a Ghanaian born and bred citizen and a university student but not a spectator. I voice out this in peace and in a respectful manner and so shall the response from you be but in a speed of light.
Thank you.

Daniel Losu Mensah (Efo Losu), a student of University of Ghana.
+233 (0) 540649633

The President of the republic of Ghana.

All university Chancellors across Ghana.

Education Minister.



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