Watch video: Policeman shot dead in broad daylight


Today at around 11:00 am a policeman giving security to a bullion van was shot dead at Adendenkpo in Accra.

This has spiked the rage in the teaming youth who already wants to demonstrate against the government but have been stopped with a court order.

Ghanaian youth has taken to social media to protest against the government for cases of increasing insecurity in the country but the government’s posture of “everything is fine” is making it worse.

This has revived the #FIXTHECOUNTRY campaign going on on Twitter for about a month now, now the new hashtag is #WEGODEMONSTRATE.

Amidst all this Ghanaians have expressed their heartfelt condolences to the deceased police officer and his family and friends.

Others too have taken the whole situation to the doors of the polices service. Their reason is that the police service instead of allowing Ghanaian youth to demonstrate against the government for better payment and resourcefulness, are quick to turn against the youth with hot water and tear gas and all sort of crowd control mechanisms.

But in the end, innocent Ghanaians like this police officer lose their life leaving behind families that no one from government cares about.

We here at IKON VERSACE express our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and Ghana police for their lost. He died a hero.


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